Any type of residence is susceptible to the formation of mold and mildew. These types of bacteria grow in places that are usually dark and moist. Many people are familiar with the type of mold that forms along the grout on bathroom tiles or along the corners of the ceiling in a bathroom, but this mold is not considered dangerous and is easily removed using a bleach compound. The type of mold that is capable of causing health problems is referred to as black mold. The mold inspection NYC residents could have completed will be performed by professionals in the industry.

Bacteria in Air Ducts

A popular breeding ground for mold is found in the interior chambers of the air ducts that run through a residence. These ducts often develop condensation, which creates the perfect setting for the formation of mold. The problem is that no one takes the ducts apart to inspect what goes on inside. The professionals conducting the mold inspection NYC residents could have performed, will use state of the art equipment to see inside all of the remote spaces inside the air ducts. It is extremely important to make sure there is no mold, since the mold spores can become airborne and distributed throughout the home.

Mold in Underground Enclosures

Any residence with a basement or crawlspace could be prone to having mold. Since these areas are built to be underground they retain a certain amount of moisture all year long. The mold inspection nyc professionals conduct would include a full examination of the basement area. Not only do the professionals know what to look for when checking for hazardous mold, but they also take precautions by dressing appropriately. It is very important to make sure the mold spores are not inhaled to prevent the occurrence of lung problems.